Our Volunteer Executive

The Men and Women behind the Port Perry Snowmobile Club. Come out to an event or meeting and introduce yourself.

President: Kelly Goreski (905)985-3501
Vice President: Ken Bertrand (705)320-9634
2nd Vice President: Brian Johnston (416)420-6264


Paul Jewell (905)439-6646
Treasurer: Shelley Nichols (905)985-0574
Trail Work:

Brian Jewell
Brian Sutherland

Grooming: Andy Faulkes (905)429-0487
Signing: Kelly Goreski (905)985-3501
Landowners: Lee Beacock (905)982-0264
Risk Management: Dawn Sutherland (905)985-9546
Permit Sales: Ken Bertrand (905)985-7865
Trail Patrol: Matt Bradburn (905)809-9951
Events & Promotions: Rick Sauer (905)356-0264
Past President: Larry Glynn  
Website: Brian Johnston (416)420-6264
Volunteer Coordinator: Darren Clark (905)767-4364